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Selective Rabbit Food Adult 1.8kg


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Science Selective Adult Rabbit

Adult rabbits have specific nutritional requirements. Selective is formulated with 25% crude fibre and balanced calcium: phosphorus so you can be sure you are providing your rabbits with the finest quality nuggets that will help support wellbeing and promote vitality. That?s why vets recommend Supreme Science Selective.

Naturally tasty and healthy

A typical adult rabbit weighing 2.5kg, requires approximately 60-70g per day of Supreme Science Selective Rabbit food. Selective can be fed as desired, however weight and wellbeing should be monitored regularly. Before and after opening, store in a cool dry place. Fresh hay and water should always be available.

Daily diet for all breeds of adult rabbits (aged 20 weeks+)
Single component extruded nuggets prevent selective feeding
Rich in natural ingredients
High fibre (25%) helps promote dental and digestive health
No added sugars and low-calorie content to help prevent obesity
Correctly balanced calcium: phosphorus ratio ? Calcium 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.4%
Prebiotics (MOS) to support healthy gut motility and digestive wellbeing
Fortified with vitamins and minerals
With linseed ? a natural source of Omega 3 & 6, for healthy skin and glossy coat
Highly palatable and fully extruded, making nutrients easy to digest
Helps maintain healthy weight
Formulations based on published scientific research
Fully compliant with FEDIAF rabbit nutrition guidelines
Recommended by veterinarians
Recyclable packaging

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