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Hills Science Diet

For a pet food that really protects your pet and enables them to live a long and healthy life, choose Hills Science Diet. This highly nutritious, specially formulated cat and dog food is a favourite with many of our customers at Stefmar Pet Care.

Containing only the highest quality ingredients, Hills Science Diet pet food is about so much more than taste. It has been developed by top experts to provide a balanced diet for your cat or dog, whatever their age or size. Your pet will receive recommended allowances of healthy vitamins, minerals including Phosphorus and Taurine, and antioxidants, to keep their immune system, heart and kidneys healthy, as well as providing them with the strong bones, muscles and teeth they’ll need to enjoy a healthy and active life to the full.

Hills Science Diet cat food is designed to take care of many of the issues you may encounter throughout your cat’s life. Options in the Hills cat food range include hairball control, oral care and sensitive stomach and skin, as well as options for general health and longevity. There is also a special range for indoor cats, who have different nutritional requirements from cats who roam outside. With different varieties available for kittens, adult cats, those aged over seven, and senior cats aged 11 and above, you’ll know you’re giving your feline friend the right nutrition for their age.

All stages of your dog’s life are taken care of by Hills Science Diet dog food. As not all dogs can eat the same foods, there are specifically tailored options for small and toy breeds, large breeds, puppies and seniors. Some dogs have sensitive skin or stomachs, or require more care for their teeth – these problems are all taken care of, as well as general health, fitness and mobility, with the Hills dog food range.

With both wet and dry foods available for both cats and dogs, in tasty flavours including chicken and beef, you can rest assured you’re doing the bet for your pet’s health at the same time as giving them food they’ll love.