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Cat Premium Dry Foods

Premium Cat Food

Premium cat food offers distinct advantages over regular cat food. When choosing to go with the premium option you’ll see a distinct improvement in taste and a range of targeted health benefits that can either prevent or help manage any health problems your pet may have.

At Stefmar we have a range of premium cat food brands including Eukanuba, Iams, Advance and more so that you’re able to select from the broadest range of flavours giving you the ability to tightly manage your cat’s diet.

With options available for cats and kittens of all sizes you’ll find something in the range to suit any breed. Browse through today and give your cat’s health a boost with Stefmar today.

Advance Cat Adult Indoor 3Kg
$36.99  $26.99
Save  27.03%

Advance Cat Chicken 1.5Kg
$21.99  $16.99
Save  22.74%

Advance Cat Chicken 3Kg
$36.99  $26.99
Save  27.03%

Advance Cat Dental 3Kg
$42.99  $32.99
Save  23.26%

Advance Cat Fish 1.5Kg
$21.99  $16.99
Save  22.74%

Advance Cat Fish 3Kg
$36.99  $26.99
Save  27.03%

Advance Cat Hairball 3Kg
$40.49  $30.49
Save  24.70%

Advance Cat Kitten 1.5Kg
$22.49  $17.49
Save  22.23%

Advance Cat Kitten 3Kg
$38.99  $28.99
Save  25.65%

Advance Cat Light 1.5Kg
$22.99  $17.99
Save  21.75%

Advance Cat Light 3Kg
$36.99  $26.99
Save  27.03%

Advance Cat Senior 1.5Kg
$21.99  $16.99
Save  22.74%

Advance Cat Senior 3Kg
$35.49  $25.49
Save  28.18%

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