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Rose-Hip Vital

As our dogs age, the onset of arthritis becomes prevalent. The impact joint disease has on your dog can range anywhere from reduced activity level to severe metabolic illnesses or endocrine conditions. Rose Hip Vital is one way that you may be able to help alleviate your pet’s pain and stiffness and prevent any future damage to their joint. This product is a plant-based anti-inflammatory that reduces the inflammation caused by arthritis. It also offers immune system support to improve your dog’s joints and overall well-being.
As its name suggests, Rose Hip Vital is made from rose hips. Manufacturers use patented extraction and drying processes that result in the isolation and activation of the GOPO compound. This compound prevents white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue. The formula is scientifically and clinically proven effective at reducing inflammation, protecting cartilage, and boosting performance. Rose Hip Vital with GOPO is the only product of its kind that is proven to reduce inflammation.
The benefits of Rose Hip Vital Canine are supported by over 30 scientific studies and clinical trials. It provides dogs with a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants for improved health and overall well-being. Most importantly, pet owners who have gotten results from this product are the most important testimonials of all.
Some of the success stories from other pet owners who took a chance and ordered Rose Hip Vital online include three-pawed pets, ex-racing dogs, and senior dogs in small and large breeds. Some of these pet owners had tried various supplements to help their dog’s joint problems and limited mobility. Many fell short until they put their dogs on Rose Hip Vital. After starting a regiment of the joint supplement, their dogs started to do things they hadn’t been able to before. Most dogs begin to feel the positive effects after about three weeks.
Rose Hip Vital is administered by combining the powder in your dog’s food. Order Rose Hip Vital online at Stefmar today and help your dog start feeling and moving better in a matter of weeks!