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Revolution flea treatment for dogs is a no-brainer. We all know that dogs are susceptible to parasites all year round. But did you know that it’s just as important for cats? Revolution for cats is designed to provide your feline pets with the same effective protection that it provides for dogs.
One feature that sets Revolution pet supplies apart from other flea treatments is the way they work. It isn’t just a matter of keeping your pet comfortable. It’s a matter of protecting their health, too. Flea and tick bites are painful, and they spread diseases to your pets. With Revolution, pests don’t have to bite your pet before they die. Revolution for cats and dogs kills fleas and ticks on contact. It’s better protection for your pet and one application lasts an entire month.
Once Revolution is applied to your pet’s skin, it is quickly absorbed into their bloodstream. Once it reaches the dog’s or cat’s system, Revolution kills heartworms and intestinal worms. At the same time, the treatment travels to the skin and fur where it kills fleas, their larvae, eggs, and other types of external parasites.  
Fleas don’t just exist on your pet. Most fleas are in the dog’s or cat’s environment. That means that even when your pet spends only a small amount of time outdoors, they can carry fleas inside to your furniture, the carpeting, or the pet’s bed. Revolution pet supplies work to stop fleas from hatching, even after they get carried inside.
While fleas and ticks are more abundant during the summer months, they pose a threat all year long. It’s important to give your pet the right Revolution flea treatment every thirty days. There’s no time when pets aren’t at risk from these pests. Revolution also protects pets from heartworm disease by protecting them from the bite of an infected mosquito. The serious consequences of heartworm infestation make prevention the most effective way to protect cats and dogs.
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