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Cat & Dog Apparel

If you’ve been looking for dog apparel or dog clothing then this is the place to shop. We stock a range of dog apparel ranging from shoes to coats and all options come in a huge variety of sizes and colours to ensure fit and style for your dog.

In addition to our selection of dog apparel we also have a vast selection of cat apparel available as well. Our cat apparel is similar in the sense that you can choose between colours and sizes to ensure comfort and style and with cat clothes options ranging from cat shoes through to hoodies you’ll have no shortage of options available.

Browse through the range today and check out the great prices across all brands in the range. Keep your pet comfortable and fashionable with Stefmar!

DGG Jumper Knitwear Aztec Medium
OOS ETA 3-5 days

DGG Jumper Knitwear Aztec Small
OOS ETA 3-5 days

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