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Our range of Paw dog grooming equipment includes everything you need to have your dog looking and feeling his best. Grooming is an important part of your dog’s regular care. It’s a great way to bond with your pet and help keep his fur and skin healthy. When you use harsh grooming equipment, it can be distressing for your dog. Paw’s dog grooming supplies have been formulated with the highest quality ingredients and provide you with the tools you need to meet your dog’s specific grooming needs.
Some breeds of dogs are especially susceptible to conditions of the fur and skin. If your canine friend is one of them, Paw’s medicated shampoo offers a gentler, faster, and safer way to shampoo your dog. The active ingredient is piroctone olamine, which offers low-irritant healing and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This gentle medicated shampoo is an essential dog grooming tool for dogs with seborrhoea, pruritus and pyoderma. It will soothe your dog’s skin and turn it into a better experience for both of you.
Make ear cleaning a regular part of bath time with Paw’s gentle ear cleaner. It cleans ears effectively without irritating. If your dog is prone to ear infections, keeping them clean is even more important for their health. Use it once a week for the best results. We also carry Paw’s wound gel to provide comfortable and natural protection to wounds while they heal.
Paw’s dog food supplements for joint health help dogs keep a spring in their step at any age. Choose from Paw Osteocare joint health chews or powder for cats or dogs. It’s a simple way to help keep your dog active and healthy into his senior years.
Browse our range of Paw’s grooming equipment, which is another way Stefmar helps pet owners give their pets the products they need to make them healthier and happier.