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Optimum pet food provides specialised food designed to improve the health of your pet. Optimum dog food has been developed through extensive research and development to provide your pup with the right nutrition for joint, heart, dental and skin health. Optimum Cat food is the perfect product for your kitty’s organs, coat and general health. Even if your pet is a fussy eater, Optimum pet food has been created with a range of flavours to suit your pets palate. To keep your pet happy & healthy, browse the full range of Optimum dog food & optimum cat food and safe with Stefmar today!

Optimum dog food and optimum cat food are specialised products designed to improve the health of your pet. With a great combination of ingredients and flavours. With flavours like lamb with rice, beef or egg with rice, and chicken, your pet might even enjoy their meal more than you do! Optimum cat food and optimum dog food come in a broad variety to suit the lifestyle and size of your pet. Browse the full range of optimum cat food and optimum cat food!