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Medicines / Supplements

Cat and Dog Medicine

At Stefmar we have a huge range of medicine and supplements available for your pet. We actively stock both cat medicine and dog medicine ensuring that if your pet is sick for any reason, you have instant access to the remedy they need.

We stock plaque and tartar removal kits, ear drops, joint guards and more or alternatively if you require cat or dog supplements to plug any nutritional deficiencies there is also a selection available ranging from simple vitamins through to combination tablets aimed to improve overall health.

At Stefmar we value pet health above all else and as such have ensured that we offer extremely competitive pricing across the full range enabling you to ensure that your pet stays fit and healthly for as long as possible.


Dog Rocks 200g
In Stock

Dog Rocks 600g
In Stock

Coupon AvailableFidos Glucosamine Tablets 100S
OOS ETA 3-5 days

Coupon AvailableFidos Oxymav B 100g
In Stock

Inca Ornithon Supplement 25g
OOS ETA 3-5 days

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