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Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Cream 60G


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Natural healthy skin barrier

Dermal Oil is an easy to use naturopathic formulation providing a physical barrier for your pet's skin. Formulated with 4 essential ingredients to nourish and protect.

Dermal Oil is a deeply nourishing oil, formulated to provide fast results. It contains 4 highly concentrated ingredients including the finest natural plant extracts to provide a topical barrier for your pets skin.

Fast acting
Wound dressing
Maintain Wound PH
Wound management
Soothing without stinging
Natural barrier for minor wounds, cuts, scratches and abrasions
Suitable for sensitive skin and paws
Suitable for sensitive, normal and dry skin
Suitable for dogs, cats, large and small animals of all ages

Our pet's skin is a delicate organ, helping prevent exposure to things in the environment such as bacteria. However, there are times when your pet's skin may need the added benefit of a topical barrier to help protect against contamination of the skin.

Dermal Oil is easy to use and spreads over the skin easily, leaving a protective film. Because Dermal Oil acts as a protective barrier, it is also ideal for wound management, wound dressing and to reduce trauma at dressing change.

Dermal Oil uses 4 key ingredients blended to a specific ratio in order to leave a natural protective barrier for skin health.

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