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Prozym Dental Sticks 12Pack Large 20+kg


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Prozym Dental Sticks

Prozym Dental Sticks are tasty chews that help to clean your dogs teeth and decrease plaque, tartar and bad breath. These sticks contain RF2, a unique active ingredient that has activity against harmful biofilm in the mouth.

Prozym RF2 Dental Sticks are delicious chew treats that contain RF2, an ingredient that fights against plaque, dental tartar, and bad breath in pets. This product contains RF2 in the form of micro spheres, spread into the matrix of the chew. These chews are highly palatable and designed in a clever hexagon or star shape to maximise tooth cleaning via rubbing on the tooth surface in different angles.

Tasty chew
Contains RF2, an effective anti-biofilm
Reduces dental plaque, tartar, and bad breath
Clever hexagon shape to ensure maximum tooth rubbing and cleaning

Dosage: for dogs under 20kg, use Prozym S/M size, can be given once daily. For dogs over 20kg, use Prozym L size, can be given once daily.

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