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Life Jackets

Dog Life Jackets

If a lifestyle on the sea is something you love and want to share with your pet then the range of dog life jackets and pet life jackets will let you share this with your pet and ensure their safety on the trip.

Dog and pet life jackets come in a variety of sizes and have been made to ensure that if your pet were to accidently fall overboard or decide to have a quick swim they can do so without you having to worry about them accidently drowning.

When selecting a life jacket for your pet it’s important to ensure you select the right size for a perfect fit. If you’re not sure which the right one is, be sure to give us a call and we can help you determine the appropriate product for your pet.

At Stefmar we take pet health and safety seriously so you can be sure you’ll always be getting quality products to ensure a happy and long life for your loved one.

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