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Featured Products

Buy fish food online from Stefmar Petcare to enjoy a wide selection of products and brands used by fish owners to provide their fish with high quality nutrients that you can also use on your own fish to:

  • Keep your fish healthy
  • Reduce sickness
  • Keep your fish living longer

There are also products available that will:

  • Enhance the colours of your fish
  • Accelerate fish growth
  • Promote a desirable form for your fish

Buy fish food online: Dry food

Buy fish food online fro dry food from quality producers that can be chosen from a wide range of criteria:

  • Fish size (mini, medium, large)
  • Fish type (marine, goldfish, herbivore, carnivore)
  • Food type (pellets, wafers, algae, seaweed)

There is also food available for crabs and turtles.

We also have available a range of live food and frozen food. See our online catalogue for more details.

Buy fish food online and select from high quality brands

Here are just some of the high quality fish food brand available for purchase at out online store:

Hikari - The most popular Japanese brand for fish food which has spent over 130 refining their formulas to create the finest aquatic diets available

New Life - A well known brand in the USA, and a premium fish food made with premium products, designed to enhance fish colour and provide natural elements that are missing in the aquarium environment

For more brands see our online catalogue.

A lot of our fish foods come from Hikari, the most popular Japanese brand for fish food.

Hikari has had over 130 years of experience in fish breeding, and during that time they have refined their formulas to create the finest aquatic diets available, which you can purchase from our online store.

See our catalogue for the wide range of Hikari fish food available.