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Dogs go through many of the same health issues that humans do. That includes the development of dental disease. The American Veterinary Dental Society estimates that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have gum disease by the time they are between the ages of two and three years old. Greenies for dogs and cats helps reduce the impact that your pet’s food has on their dental health. Greenies dog treats do double duty by replacing treats that contain unhealthy ingredients.
Giving your dog Greenies is like giving your kids broccoli and having them enjoy eating it! These treats are delicious and contain the same nutrition as a healthy, balanced meal. They also clean your dog’s teeth and help maintain healthy gums. As if that weren’t enough, Greenies dog treats are made with natural ingredients that dogs love to eat. They leave their teeth clean and their breath fresh for an overall healthy and happy mouth!
Your cat will love Greenies cat treats, too. They are made with highly soluble ingredients that are easy to digest. Feline Greenies Smartbites provide even more benefit to your feline friend. They help control hairballs and improve skin and fur health. There’s finally a better reason to treat your pets!
When pets are on medications, getting them to take a pill can be challenging! Greenies Pill Pockets turn your pet’s pill time into a treat. Instead of fighting to get their medicine down, they’ll take it without any persuasion. Just place the pill inside the pocket and turn it into an instant treat.
Sometimes giving your pet what it wants isn’t the best choice. Dogs and cats don’t always know what’s good for them. But Greenies for dogs and cats make it easy to give them treats without feeling guilty. They are the best choice in treats in every way, and you’ll find them online, at Stefmar.