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Bayer Advantix

Advantix is a premium external parasite killer designed for use with your dog. Advantix is an extremely safe method for parasite removal and is extremely effective at removing dog ticks, paralysis ticks and bush ticks before they are able to harm your dog.

With varying options available in the range you can select a pack suitable for use on all sizes of dog. Whether you're looking to purchase Advantix for puppies or adults, you can be sure you'll get the right treatment for your pet keeping them around for many years to come.

All Advantix products are available in both 3 and 6 packs and are colour coded for easier purchase:
- 0kg - 4kg (green)
- 4kg - 10kg (blue)
- 10kg - 25kg (red)
- Over 25kg (grey)

At Stefmar we care about your pet and such we've made sure we stock the best range of Advantix in our online store so shop through the range today and get the one of the most effective tick treatments around.

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