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Protect your pet from the danger of worms with Milbemax dog and cat treatments
Every pet owner worries about their furry friend contracting worms. These can be extremely dangerous for the health of dogs and cats. Now you can keep them safe from these internal parasites for up to three months at a time with Milbemax cat and dog worming treatments.
Milbemax is the best-selling worming treatment for cats in Australia. Just one tablet offers highly effective protection against all the major parasites affecting cats, including roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm. It works for three months at a time. It’s safe for use on cats of all ages and sizes, and kittens from as young as six weeks of age.
Dogs can also enjoy the complete protection of Milbemax heartworm, roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm and whipworm treatment. All major dog parasites are treated effectively for three months with a single Milbemax tablet. Dogs of all sizes and breeds can be treated with Milbemax, beginning with puppies at the very start of their lives, from just two weeks old.
Complete protection in a tiny tablet
Due to the vast differences between the many breeds of cats and dogs, different Milbemax treatments are available for cats and dogs of different sizes and weights. Simply weigh your pet and choose the appropriate pack. As your pet grows, there will always be a treatment that’s right for them. Give them the essential protection they need from the very earliest stages of their lives, and continue to keep them healthy and safe throughout their adulthood.
As each pack contains two tablets, your pet can enjoy complete protection from harmful parasites for six months at a time, with one tablet needed every three months.
The tablets are small and easy for your pet to take. They will protect your pet's health and give you peace of mind in one easy step.
Our pets are loyal and loving. They deserve the very best quality of life. They rely on us to protect them and we want to do our best to keep them healthy, happy and safe at all times. With Milbemax cat and dog worming treatments, you can give your pet the very best protection against worms and harmful parasites, helping them to enjoy a long and contented life by your side.
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