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Looking for flea protection for your dog? Then you need a treatment that’s easy, safe and effective. That treatment is Nexgard. Nexgard is the soft, beef flavoured chew that dogs love. Providing fast and effective treatment and protection against both fleas and ticks. Dog’s love the taste of the beef flavour and Nexgard provides protection for one month! So if you want to take care of your pet’s health, then choose Nexgard today!,

Stefmar is passionate about pets. Our trained, professional staff are dedicated to delivering out customers with a great range of products for all animals. We recommend Nexgard chews. Both for their highly effective protection against fleas & ticks and for their ease of application. Dogs simply love the taste and won’t put up a fuss when it’s time for Nexgard. Browse the full range of Nexgard pet supplies today to find the right product for your dog!

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