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Toys Throw / Flyer

Throw Toys

Dog throw toys and flyer toys are quite possibly the most fun toy option for you and your pet as they let you get involved in the action meaning playtime won’t feel like a chore.

Within the range of flyer toys and dog toys there are Frisbee style discs as well as tailed ball launchers and all have been designed with materials that can withstand the damage that a dogs jaw can create.

We’ve ensured we also stock a range of sizes so whether your pets big or small you’ll be able to find a toy to suit.

Check out the options today and make sure you don’t miss out on the savings and fun that’s on offer at Stefmar today.

Kong Flyer Extreme
$23.99  $20.39
Save  15.00%

Kong Flyer Large
$23.99  $20.39
Save  15.00%

Kong Puppy Flyer
$18.99  $16.14
Save  15.00%

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