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Toys Tennis Balls

Tennis Boy Talls

Dog’s tennis balls differ from regular tennis balls as they’ve been designed to withstand the chewing and retain their shape and form. Additionally there are various sizes available so that you can pick a size that’s reflective of your dog.

Within the range there are both squeaker toys and silent toys as well as tennis and other sports balls to choose from. We’ve priced all options extremely competitively and with multi packs available you’ll save even more money when you shop at Stefmar.

Browse through the range today and make playtime a little more fun for both you and your dog with Stefmar.

Kong Sport Balls Assorted 2 pack Large
$12.49  $10.62
Save  15.00%

Kong Sport Balls Assorted 3 pack Medium
$10.99  $9.34
Save  15.00%

Kong Sport Balls Assorted 3 pack Small
$8.99  $7.64
Save  15.00%

Kong Squeaker Ball Large
$4.99  $4.24
Save  15.00%

Kong Squeaker Ball Medium
$3.99  $3.39
Save  15.00%

Kong Squeaker Ball XLarge
$9.49  $8.07
Save  15.00%

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