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Some dog breeds experience joint problems, especially later in life. Glyde mobility chews are formulated to promote joint health and aid in cartilage development. Glyde improves mobility in dogs who can’t run and play as actively as they used to.
Glyde for dogs contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine to promote improved joint health, as well as green lipped mussel powder, which is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. If your dog hasn’t been showing the enthusiasm for playing and running that he used to, it may be due to symptoms of arthritis. Sometimes symptoms of inflammation and aches and pains of joint disease are mistake for normal signs of aging. Glyde might be the help your dog needs to enjoy more of the things he’s always loved.
Like people, dogs often develop osteoarthritis during their senior years. But it isn’t only seniors that develop joint disease. About one in five of all dogs over the age of 1 show signs of osteoarthritis. That number increases with each additional year in age. Glucosamine and chondroitin are known for their ability to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Relieving inflammation and pain will make your dog move more and get the exercise that senior dogs need to be healthy.
Glyde for dogs is administered according to your dog’s weight, varying between 1/2 of a soft chew to 2 1/2 soft chews daily. Dogs enjoy the taste of the chewable tablets, making it easy to follow a daily maintenance schedule.
Nothing brings joy to a pet owner more than seeing their dog regain their mobility. Glyde is one of the most effective supplements to alleviate the symptoms of joint disease. Place your order today and get your dog started on the path to better mobility. Glyde for dogs is recommended only for dogs and not for other types of pets. Take advantage of the abundant range of Glyde products for dogs online at Stefmar.