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Royal Canin Cat Dental Care 3.5Kg


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Oral Sensitive

Balanced and complete feed for adult cats

Recommended to help reduce dental plaque and tartar formation

Tartar Control -59%
- Plaque brushing effect
- Dental Active Agent
- Proven Efficiency 28 Jours drys

Double action for optimal oral hygiene:
The unique kibble shape and texture provide a tooth brushing effect which helps reduce plaque formation.
Active components in the diet trap the calcium in saliva, and help prevent it from being deposited on the teeth in the form of tartar.

Result: a 59% reduction in tartar formation (measured on the most vulnerable teeth, compared to a control food not containing the active components - Royal Canin study, 2005. Proven effectiveness after 28 days of exclusive use of ORAL SENSITIVE 30).

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