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STF Rabbit Pellets 2.5Kg Complete Feed for Rabbits


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A complete feed for rabbits.

- A complete and balanced diet formulated specifically for commercial breeding, lactation and growth of rabbits.
- Also suitable for rabbits that are kept as pets.
- Contains a palatable and nutritious blend of cereal grains and fresh lucerne.
- Contains a complete mineral and vitamin supplement for a balanced diet.
- Pelleted feed for ease of handling, and to minimise wastage.
- Adimix is included to aid digestive health

Radical changes in a rabbits diet should be avoided. Barastoc Rabbit Pellet should be introduced over 7 to10 days where rabbits have access to a high quality roughage source such as lucerne hay or chaff.

Growing Rabbits: Introduce gradually 2 weeks prior to weaning.
Growers may then be fed to appetite until market.
For replacement stock, monitor body condition score and adjust feeding rate accordingly.

Pregnant Does: Feed intake will increase during pregnancy. Does may be fed up to 160 grams per head per day, and then be fed to appetite from kindling (birthing).

Lactating/Breeding Does: Lactating does should be fedto appetite, and will consume approximately 350 gramsper head per day. After weaning, adjust intake to body condition score.

Dry Does & Bucks: Feed up to 100 grams per head per day. Monitor body condition score and adjust feed intake accordingly.

For all classes of rabbit, monitor feed intakes to ensure that they do not over consume Barastoc Rabbit Pellet. It is important to keep feed fresh - replenish feed each day.
Ensure that a plentiful supply of fresh, clean water is available at all times.

Crude Protein (minimum) - 16.5%
Crude Fat (minimum) - 3.0%
Crude Fibre (maximum) - 21.0%
Salt (maximum added) - 0.3%
Copper (added) - 8mg/kg
Selenium (added) - 0.1mg/kg
Calcium (minimum) - 1.0%
Phosphorus (minimum) - 0.7%
Vitamin A (minimum) - 12,000IU/kg
Vitamin D (minimum) - 3,500IU/kg
Vitamin E (minimum) - 150mg/kg

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