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Farrells Original 4x2 Dog Baked Dental Biscuits 5kg


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Farrell's Original Dental Hard-Baked Dog Biscuits 5kg

Australian Made with Australian meat

Every biscuit is nutritionally balanced

Great for your dog's teeth

Not just chews - Farrell's is food too!

Recommended By Vets For Maintaining Your Dog's Teeth and Gum Health

Farrell?s 4x2 Biscuits have been carefully baked to a traditional recipe, and made with exclusively Australian ingredients.

The ratio?s of protein, fat and carbohydrates have been carefully selected.
Protein helps tissue repair and muscle growth after physical activity.
Fats deliver EFA?s (Essential Fatty Acids) and provide the necessary environment for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) in the gut.
High Carbohydrate diets provide glucose for energy bursts.

These nutritional benefits combined with a delicious flavour make Farrell?s? 4x2 biscuits the #1 choice for your pet!


Premium Non-Mixed Australian Wholegrain Wheat (milled to perfection, No Cereals, No Byproducts), Meat (that's right, Real Meat from Chicken, Beef and Lamb, No Byproducts), Tallow (from Premium Chicken and Grass Fed Beef), Natural Flavour (delicious Chicken and Beef), Salt (just a pinch), Di-Calcium Phosphate (provides supplemental Calcium and Phosphorus which may be lacking in your dog's diet), Garlic (less than 0.1% powder, natures very own Prebiotic that promotes a healthy gut microbiome), Emulsifier (this helps to keep the ingredients from separating during the baking process), Preservatives (we use a synergistic blend of natural organic tocopherols for superior free radical absorption), Cysteine (natural amino acid), Natural Antioxidants.

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