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Blackdog Bigga Biscuit 1kg


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Black Dog Premium Bigga Biscuits,

Blackdog bigga biscuits are a low fat (~3%), specially formulated oven baked biscuit, suitable for pooches watching their weight & ideal for greyhounds. They are specially formulated with added vitamins & minerals, omega 3, methionine & antioxidants to ensure sure that your dog is getting the healthiest biscuits available, not only beneficial to health but a tasty treat full of the good stuff.
They have a mild taste flavoured by vanilla and garlic.

Ingredients that prevent the occurrence of a urinary tract infection.
Ingredients for healthy skin and glossy coat.
Minerals and vitamins that strengthen your dog's immune system.
Garlic as a natural way to deter worms and parasites.
Limited quantities of sugar and salt.

Wholegrain wheat, tallow, salt, sugar, calcium carbonate, flaxseed meal, vitamins & minerals, vanilla.

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