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Dermcare Otoflush 250ml Ear Flush Solution


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Otoflush from Dermcare VET is a revolutionary new ear flush using TrisEDTA technology synergised with PHMB.

It is a neutral, buffered ear flush solution used to clean your dog's ear and reduce the number of harmful microbes in the ear.

Used also as a pre-treatment to improve the penetration of other prescribed ear medications.

Put simply, Otoflush:
Reduces the number of unhlealthy bugs in your dog's ears
Penetrates deeper to kill more of these bugs
Doesn't sting your dog's ears
BAEP tested for ruptured tympanums. (Safe to use on damaged eardrums)

Otoflush killes these bugs:
Staphylococcus spp
Pseudomonas spp

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