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Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear 15ml


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Cleans and lubricates naturally

Your pet's eyes are prone to irritation from dirt, water and wind which can dry and irritate the eye. Eye Clear cleans and lubricates the eye with natural ingredients in a soothing saline base.

Gentle formulation
Cleans without irritation
Eye lubrication
Removes dirt
Practical applicator for safe and easy use
Handy bottle for easy administration
Suitable for cats, dogs, horses and livestock of all ages

Eyes are one of our pet's most important senses, so keeping them in top shape is very important. Dirt, water and wind can irritate or dry the eye out, causing even further irritation to these precious organs.

Eye Clear not only cleans the eye but lubricates as well, keeping the eye moist and clean, helping clear away any particles that could cause further irritation. Supporting the health of your pet's eyes with a gentle formulation containing four natural ingredients and silver ions in a soothing base of saline.

For further information on how Eye Clear can help your pet's eyes please contact our helpline.

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