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ZippyClaws Cat Dancer Charmer Rainbow 122cm + 41cm Handle


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Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy

Prestige Pet Products are a family owned wholesale pet product company. Based in South East Queensland they are committed to providing quality products pets love.

The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy is a great way to spend quality time with your cat. The Cat Dancer Charmer will encourage your cat to play and is an excellent way to get your cat to exercise. Games are also a way to relieve stress and boredom in your cat. It is the perfect addition for both you and your cat to strengthen your bond together!

Key Features

Wand is constructed from polycarbonate, and includes an enticing colourful fabric
Excellent source of mental stimulation and physical activity for your cat
Can help relieve stress and boredom in cats
Perfect for cats and kittens

Size: 122cm with 41cm handle

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  • Product Brand: ZippyClaws

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