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YD Milky Knot Bones w/Chicken 450g


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Yours Droolly understands the deep bonds people share with their dogs.

That's why we are always creating new ways to enhance their limitless ability to love us.

Yours Droolly Milky Knot Bones are the ideal treats for rewarding your best friend. Made with a handmade, vegetable, soft and chewy milky bone, infused with a buttermilk flavour and aroma, and sealed with a delicately wrapped real chicken meat strip. These treats can help with the boredom and misbehaviour at home.

Yours Droolly Dog Treats use the very best quality meat ingredients and only include the essentials required, no carcasses, offcuts, bone or fillers. All Yours Droolly treats are made from real meat and troolly delicious for your best friend. A perfect treat for training and reward, slowly baked to perfection. Because we all want the best, so why can?t our dogs enjoy it too.

Great for training and reward
The perfect treat for puppies and adult dogs.
6cm long x 3cm wide, and can be ripped into small pieces.
No rawhide - a safe and gentle chew.

Ingredients: chicken meat, wheat flour, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerine, tapioca, wheat gluten, soy protein, cellulose, butter milk flavour, sorbitol, colour, cookie and cream flavour, potassium sorbate.

This treat should be used as a reward or training aid, as part of a healthy diet and should comprise no more than 10% of a dog?s daily energy requirement. Always make sure your dog has fresh, clean water available. The feeding guide is for a healthy, active dog and treats should be fed under supervision.

Tasty treat for dogs of all sizes and ages.

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