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Wombaroo Dog Milk Replace 1kg


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Wombaroo Dog Milk Replacer

Wombaroo Dog Milk is a nutritionally complete and balanced powdered milk formula food for orphaned and early weaned puppies. It may also be used to supplement the nutrition of pregnant, lactating, debilitated, or convalescing dogs. Wombaroo is high in fat content to mimic bitchs milk, and contains all the minerals, fats, and vitamins your puppy needs.

Powdered milk formula for puppies
Nutritionally complete, and low in lactose to aid digestion
Food for orphaned or early weaned juvenile puppies
Can also be used as extra supplementation for pregnant, lactating, debilitated, or convalescing animals
All vitamins, minerals, and fats that your puppy needs

Feeding Directions can be found on the packaging.

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