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Vetafarm Sweet Water 1L


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Product Description
Sweet water is used to maintain water freshness and provide natural organic acids to aid food breakdown. Addition of Sweet Water to drinking containers will greatly reduce slime formation in water bowls. Less water contamination allows longer periods between water changes and much less scrubbing of the water containers.

Sweet Water has been shown to increase vigour in the aviary or loft. It will increase song and activity in the cages and is well accepted by all animals. Small animals benefit from the blend of natural fruit acids and minerals in the formula by improving feed usage and general wellbeing. Does not have a negative affect normal gut flora.

Recommended for: All Birds where contaminated or slimy drinking water containers are an issue.

Can be used with: Sweet Water may be used in conjunction with vitamins, minerals and tonics but should be removed when administering Probiotics, antibiotics and antiprotozoals.

Directions: Simply add to water containers at a rate of 5ml of sweet water per Litre of water

Ingredients: Organic Fruit acid blend

Pack Size: 250mL, 500mL, 1L, 5L

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  • Product Brand: Vetafarm

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