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Vetafarm Pigeon Racing Supplement 10kg


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Product Description
Protein Pellets for Pigeons.

Recommended for: Performance Pigeons as an ongoing supplement during the race season.

INDICATIONS: Pigeon Protein Pellets are a fully extruded supplemental feed for racing and breeding pigeons. The pellets provide high levels of protein and vitamins necessary for the development of chicks and to sustain the birds during racing.
By using Pigeon Racing Pellets you will breed more healthy birds and race birds will be strong and fit for the stress of racing.

Key features: Provided as a 25% supplement to the dry diet, Pigeon Racing Supplement provides a high protein, vitamin, mineral and amino acids boost to Race Pigeon Diets. Pigeon Race Supplement is an extrusion-cooked pellet, which increases the overall digestibility of supplement.
Young birds should be given Pigeon Protein Pellets to improve their growth before joining the race team.

Racing Birds: the race team birds should be given Pigeon Protein Pellets throughout the racing season.

DIRECTIONS: Supply 10% of normal ration (this is not a complete diet)

STORAGE: Keep pellets dry by storing in a sealed container or bag.

Pack Size: 2Kg and 10Kg

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  • Shipping Weight: 10 kilos
  • Product Brand: Vetafarm

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