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Vetafarm Nesting Material


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The ultimate nesting material for finches and other nest building birds

Vetafarm Nesting Material is a combination of Australian grown Mitchell Grass and super soft Emu feathers, making it the ultimate combination for nest building.

Mitchell Grass is a highly flexible, long strand grass that is ideal for the foundations of a strong, safe nest.

Emu feathers are renowned for their softness and lack of a hard feather shaft, making them easier to work and softer for baby birds than any other feather.

- Supports Australian farmers
- Long flexible strands of Mitchell Grass, perfect for nest building
- Laced with soft Emu feathers for gentle nest lining.
- Easy to handle mini bales - supply a single biscuit for small colonies or a whole bale for larger aviaries.
- Bale weight 600-800g

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