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Vetafarm Nest Mate 450G


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Product Description
A Finch, Canary and Budgerigar young bird rearing food. Growing baby Budgies, especially show quality birds, require extra nutrition to enable them to grow into large healthy chicks. Nest Mate contains extra protein, vitamins and minerals to support rapid growth and feathering.

Includes balanced vitamins, minerals, calcium and amino acids essential for breeding birds to produce maximum numbers of healthy eggs. Extrusion cooked to ensure nutritional content of food is more readily digested and absorbed by young birds being raised by parents. Balanced nutrition promotes stronger, healthier chicks that fledge faster. Includes vanilla to encourage food intake.

Recommended for: Budgerigars, Canaries and Finches during breeding and raising of young. Nest Mate should be fed around 6 weeks before breeding begins and continue up until chicks fledge.

Also suitable for: Budgerigars, Canaries and Finches as an ongoing maintenance diet.

Can use with: Insecta Pro, mixed and fed to breeding insectivores or omnivores.

Ingredients: Select Australian whole grains including: Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Oats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids & vegetable oils.

Feeding: Nest Mate has been designed to provide a supplemental feed for breeding Budgerigars. It may be fed dry in a finger drawer or small bowl in the nest box. Nest Mate may be used to create a soft food by dampening and mixing with other "soft feedstuffs". This damp mix can then be given to breeding pairs to improve the nutrition of the young.

General Analysis:
Crude Protein 21%
Crude Fat 17%
Crude Fibre 3%
Max Salt 0.5%

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