Trouble Trix Litter Angel Crystals 15ltr/6.4kg


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Trouble and Trix Angel Litter,

Silica Cat Litter

Trouble and Trix Angel Litter is a 100% natural and biodegradable choice. It is made from silica sand and has a light lavender scent to control odour. Silica cat litter is also the best choice for long haired cats because it does not get stuck in their fur.

Out of all the Trouble and Trix cat litter, this product rates the highest for odour control, absorbency and dust tracking. It is also incredibly long lasting as you remove faeces and then rake litter to recirculate it.

Biodegradable and therefore an eco-friendly option.

Lightweight and keeps odours at bay.

One 15L bag lasts an average healthy cat fed on premium dry food around 14 weeks.

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