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Starmark Treat Dispensing TetraFlex Medium


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TREAT Dispensing Tetraflex

Turn mealtime into playtime by feeding your dog his meals out of the Tetraflex.

Holds a Variety of Treats and Kibble

Dispenses treats or kibble. Use in place of a food bowl for mealtimes to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.
Use a Water Bottle to Funnel in Treats & Food

Unique inner sleeve helps regulate how treats and kibble are dispensed.
Provides Hours of Interactive Chewing Challenge

Treat dispensing system encourages play which helps reduce anxiety and boredom behaviors.
Additional Features

Dishwasher safe in top rack. Not intended as a chew toy.
Country of Origin

Treat Dispensing Tetraflex is made in China.

Dogs over 40 pounds
4.75? wide x 4.75? high
Dogs under 40 pounds
3.75? wide x 3.75? high
Dogs under 15 pounds
2.75? wide x 2.75? high


With all chew products and treats, pets should be supervised as no product is completely indestructible. Pieces smaller than the mouth may present a choking hazard.

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  • Product Brand: Starmark

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