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Royal Nature Pro Formula Salt 10kg Bucket


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Premium Tropical Sea Salt for Fish& Soft Corals
ROYAL NATURE Salt was developed after a comprehensive research study of the requirements for the long-term maintenance of a modern reef aquarium.

As our salt is made of evaporated Sea Water, it contains only those trace elements which occur naturally within the ocean, preventing a build-up of unwanted Metals and toxic chemicals.

We developed our formula to closely match the levels of Natural Sea Water (NSW), where your fish and corals come from, paying special attention to the ionic balance and ensure the ideal parameters for Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, PH Strontium and Potassium (as well as many other micro - elements). The result is a fast-dissolving salt mix with an excellent balance of naturally occurring essential beneficial trace elements. Balanced in every salt grain, free from nitrates, phosphates, silicates and other unwanted metals and toxic chemicals, ROYAL NATURE is simply the best salt for the care of fish, corals and invertebrates in the reef aquarium.

For sale in 23/10/4 kg bucket and 25 kg bag.

The volume of salt water that can be mixed using a single bucket of ROYAL NATURE salt depends on the required specific gravity of the final solution. Use salt water prepared with ROYAL NATURE advanced pro formula salt for regular water changes.

Since ROYAL NATURE is a pharmaceutical grade natural Red Sea salt, please use a separate, clean container with RO water (recommended to keep its purity and to avoid additional calcium levels) while adding the salt with circulating and aerating for 2 hours.

In order to get the desired specific gravity of between 1.024 or 33.9 PPT, we recommend mixing of 1 kg (2.2lb) of ROYAL NATURE salt with 30 liters of RO water (8.0 US gallons).

The mixed salt water is ready for use when the salt is completely dissolved. The best results is at a temperature of 23 c / 74 F. Check specific gravity and add salt or water to achieve the correct levels before adding it to the tank. A weekly, partial water change replacing 10% -12% of the total water volume using ROYAL NATURE advanced formula salt will help you to keep your livestock in a good health condition for a long period of time.

Royal Nature Shop use salt 25kg bag

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