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Plutos Healthy Chews Puppy Cheese Apple Medium


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Specially produced for Puppys The best CHEW in the market. Easy, SAFE, and very HEALTHY to chew. 100% NATURAL, high-quality ingredients, no colorants or preservatives.


Great ingredients full of health benefits

Rich in high-quality protein (+40%), essential amino acids, omega3, and Astaxanthin (a potent natural antioxidant )

Very good for muscle and cardiac development.
Anxiety control and for teething CLEANING
A great mind control exercise (holding control)
A nutritious product - a great taste for your Puppy pet
Casein provides protection, cleanliness, and elimination of dental bacteria
Low fat, no stains
Low calories
Ergonomics suitable for dogs


Casein, Apple, Krill, fat, and minerals (including calcium)

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