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New Life Spectrum Betta Regular Semi-Floating (1mm-1.5mm) 70g


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Easy to Digest Nutrients From Whole Krill, Squid & Seaweeds
High-Density Nutrition For Less Waste & More Feedings Per Jar
No Soybean Additives
Enhances the Full Spectrum of Your fish's color
Manufactured in USA

Natural color enhancing 1mm semi-floating pellets. New life spectrum food is made with high-quality, easily digestible south Antarctic krill, herring, squid and new Zealand mussel protein and several all-natural color-enhancing ingredients for a balanced diet that boosts immune system function and enhances the full spectrum of your fish's color. With the belief that all fish require a complete and fully balanced varied diet, new life also contains algae meal, that consists of seaweed, kelp and Haematococcus pluvialis (a micro algae), a premium grade of natural Spirulina, as well as a fruit and vegetable extract that consists of spinach, red and amp; green cabbage, peas, broccoli, red pepper, zucchini, tomato, kiwi, apricot, pear, mango, apple, papaya and peach. Also contains a generous inclusion of garlic for its anti-parasitic and immune boosting properties. With no added hormones. Made in the USA.

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