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Kumfi Complete Control Harness Medium


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Complete Control Harness

- Helps control pulling
- Calms and controls excitable dogs
- Multi-functional - for exercise and as a car harness
- Fully adjustable
- Fitting and training guide enclosed

Designed by George Grayson, Chairman of the Dog Training Industry Association, UK.

Our control complete control harness has been designed to give you ultimate control whilst ensuring comfort and safety for you and your dog. Walking will become a more enjoyable experience as you will gain control from three points where you can attach your lead. Our Complete Control Harness also helps ensure that your dog is safe in the car and prevents the driver becoming distracted by a dog that won't sit still while travelling. Wearing the harness will help to calm your dog and encourage them to stop pulling. The grab handle can be used for fitting your dog, whilst providing total support and comfort.

Small - Westie & most Terriers chest 38 to 50 cm
Medium - Large Terriers, small Springer's & Collies chest 45 to 60 cm
Large - Labrador, GSD, Retriever chest 55 to 76 cm
Extra Large - Large GSD, Rottweiler, Mastiff chest 70 to 95 cm

These breeds are intended as a guide as the size of your dog may vary.

See guide enclosed for fitting and training tips.

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