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Kazoo Scratch Post Medium Charcoal 40x40x74cm


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As I get bigger, so do my scratch posts. Right now, I?m really into this medium-sized one from Kazoo. It allows me to really sharpen my claws with the tough sisal, and if I really stretch, I can just about reach the ball on the stretch rope. I love it and so does mum. Cause she?s just bought a new sofur.


Hanging play ball on stretch rope
Plush base for a sleepy kitty
Sisal scratching surface
Sturdy frame built to last & handle tough play


Width: 40cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 74cm


Furniture grade fabric
High quality, tough-wearing sisal

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  • Shipping Weight: 15 kilos
  • Product Brand: Kazoo

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