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Jerhigh 400g Milky Sticks for Puppies and Dogs


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JerHigh Milky Sticks Dog Treats, 400g Mega Value Pack

JerHigh dog treats are made with love and this pack of Milky Sticks is bursting at the seams with delicious treats. Made with real chicken (no offcuts, carcasses or bones) these doggy treats have an irresistible taste. They also include milk, which provides calcium for healthy teeth and bones.

Milky Sticks are extremely popular among puppy owners but adult dogs love them too! These treats are made from real chicken laid out, oven baked for 12 hours and then hand cut into strips.

Ideal as a reward or training tool.
Real chicken, low in salt and less than 10% fat.
Sticks can be broken into smaller bite-sized pieces.

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