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JBL ProAquatest Test Kit K Potassium


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Quick test to determine the potassium content in freshwater aquariums.

For perfect aquarium plant growth: determines the ideal potassium value to monitor the fertilisation of freshwater aquariums
Quick test: fill cuvette with sample water, add reagents, fill cloudy sample water into special glass vial until underlying cross is no longer visible, read the quantity you have filled. This value is equivalent to the potassium content in mg/l
Often too low a potassium content leads to stagnating plant growth, although all other factors such as CO2, iron and light are present. Fertilisers such as JBL Ferropol or JBL ProScape K Macroelements can increase the K content
You will find detailed information and troubleshooting tips about water analysis on the JBL website in Essentials/Aquarium
Package contents: 1 potassium test kit for approx. 25 measurements, incl. 2 reagents, special glass vial, syringe, dosing spoon and colour chart. Reagent refill separately available

Healthy aquariums with conditions close to nature The right water values are dependent on the fish stock and the plants in the aquarium. Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With bad values diseases or algae can appear in the aquarium. To maintain a healthy aquarium with conditions close to nature it is important to check and adapt the water values regularly.

For each water analysis JBL provides water tests in the form of rapid tests or colour change tests. These determine a certain value or several values in one go. With these water tests you can recognise algae problems and negative nitrate, nitrite, potassium, magnesium values etc.

Why test?
Potassium is one of the macro-elements which plants in freshwater absorb quickly and effectively within a few hours and can also store for a limited time. Growing plants require more potassium than other elements. As a result, potassium concentrations can drop to a minimum range, causing plant growth to stagnate, even if the aquarium water is fertilised regularly. Potassium levels in mains water are usually too low compared to those in natural biotopes, particularly in relation to calcium and magnesium concentrations.

Recommended potassium values:
Freshwater aquarium (community aquarium): 10-30 mg/l
Lake Malawi/Lake Tanganyika aquarium: 10-30 mg/l
Plant aquarium with few fish (aquascaping): 10-30 mg/l
Marine aquarium: the potassium content is not measurable with this test

You can analyse the water values you have measured on the JBL website under ?Essentials/Aquarium? and receive recommendations.

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