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Natures Miracle Dog Puppy Potty Training Spray 473ml


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Natures Miracle Advanced Platinum Puppy Indoor Outdoor Potty Training Spray For Dogs

Natures Miracle Advanced Platinum Puppy Potty Training Spray For Dogs Teaches Your Young Pup Where To Relieve Themselves

This handy spray is designed to guide your puppy to a desired area to do their ?business?
Suitable for indoor and outdoor toilet training

The desirable scent gives your puppy a sign to relieve themselves in the treated area
Helps to reduce unwanted accidents around the home
The concentrated, long lasting formula is effective for up to 12 hours

Safe for use around pets and the home when used as directed
The spray bottle is quick and easy to use
Simply spray the solution to the area you wish your puppy to ?go? and praise them when positive behaviour is shown

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