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Aristopet Repellent Spray 125ml


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Aristopet Indoor and Outdoor Dog/Cat Repellent Spray,

This handy bottle of repellent spray can be used to stop dogs and cats from urinating on or going near certain areas of your home. It contains safe and non-toxic ingredients therefore it won't harm pets.

It contains Methl Nonyl Ketone and citronella oil, which cats and dogs find repulsive. It's safe for them to be around however they will avoid the area that you have sprayed because they do not like the smell. The scent of the spray is almost undetectable for humans so you'll hardly even notice it's there.

Easy to spray bottle for applying inside the home (furniture, walls, pot plants etc.) and outside (mailbox, gates, fences etc.)
Reapply every 12 hours or after rain for maximum effectiveness. Eventually the animal will associate the smell with the area and will no longer go there.
Good for preventing territory marking and during toilet training.

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