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Hailea Air Pump ACO-9610 10L/m Variable Quad Outlet


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Hailea silent adjustable air pump has four independent outlets it also well known in the name of Haileasuper silent adjustable air pump. These series of air pumps are used for air supply parts for Possesses an advanced air-compressing system and dampening system which is extremely low in noise and large in air output. Adopt special artificial rubber to keep a steady air output and pressure that can be adjusted manually environmental conservation design, on-oil lubrication to produce pure compressed air.

Power: 10 Watt
Voltage: 220/50Hz
Air output: 10 L/m
Pressure: 0.015 MPa
Note pump uses 4 Diaphragms and 8 Flapper Valves

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  • Product Brand: Hailea

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