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Fidos Glucosamine Tablets 100S


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Mavlab/Fidos was formed in 1970 by Company founder Dr. John Lamberth, who developed a range of leading products for the animal health market. Over 40 years, Mavlab/Fidos has created an innovative development team and currently produces quality animal products in Brisbane, Australia.

Product Description

Introducing the Fidos Glucosamine in a 500mg size containing 250 Tabs. This product contains honey flavoured chewable tablets. Long term use may help reduce non-infectious joint inflammation and may assist in symptomatic relief of pain associated with arthritic conditions.
Key Features & Benefits:

Honey flavoured chewable tablets.
Long term use may help improve joint health and function.

Directions for Use:

This is not recommended for use in acute or infectious joint conditions. For a diagnosis to determine these conditions, or in the event of an adverse experience (eg. diarrhoea) or where response is unsatisfactory, consult your veterinarian.
Use with caution in pregnant or lactating animals as safe use in these groups have not been established. Use with caution in animals with bleeding, liver or kidney disorders.

Dosage and Administration:

Tablets may be fed whole, or powdered and sprinkled on food. A small amount of moist food is best to ensure the entire amount is eaten.

Dose Rate: (based on dog bodyweight):
Initial treatment is for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Less than 5kg: initial dose? tablet per day; maintenance? tablet per day.

5-10 kg: initial 1 tablet per day; maintenance 1/2 tablet per day.

11-20 kg: initial 2 tablets per day; maintenance 1 tablet per day.

21-30 kg: initial 3 tablets per day; maintenance 1?
tablets per day.

31-40 kg: initial 4 tablets per day; maintenance 2 tablets per day.

41-50 kg: initial 5 tablets per day; maintenance 2? tablets per day.

51-60 kg: initial 6 tablets per day; maintenance 3 tablets per day.

Over 60 kg: initial 7 tablets per day; maintenance 3? tablets per day.


Glucosamine Hydrochloride 500mg

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