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Exo Terra Frog Glass Terrarium 45x45x60cm


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The trend towards bioactive planted terrariums has increased frog popularity, as they are the perfect animals for a fully planted terrarium. The Exo Terra Frog Terrariums are the perfect canvas for terrascaping - the craft of arranging natural plants, mosses, as well as vines, branches, stones and Exo Terra decor, in an aesthetic, natural manner. Exo Terra?s Frogs & Co range of products are designed to work together, helping you to create and establish an harmonised natural microhabitat. All Frogs & Co items are key components to successfully establish a bioactive planted terrarium with a thriving frog population.

Full Glass Terrarium
Built in drain
Ideal for bioactive habistats
Single door for best viewing
Dual ventilation system
Monsoon ready
Self closing inlets for electrical wires or tubing
High quality stainless steel mesh
Raised bottom for easy heatpad installation
Lock to prevent escape
Hinged lockable cover

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