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Milbemax Allwormer For Cats 2-8kg 20 Tablets


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In Australia, Milbemax is the number one selling all-wormer for cats.*

Milbemax is a more relaxing way to give broad spectrum protection against internal parasites. With tiny tablets and only one tablet required to treat your cat up to 8kg, worming is less stressful for you and your cat.

You can expect protection against:

- Roundworm
- Hookworm
- Tapeworm

Treatment is required once every 3 months for the most common and dangerous worms.

Oral Administration is required.. The minimum dose is 2mg milbemycin oxime and 5mg praziquantel per kg bodyweight.
- 2-4kg - 1/2 tablet
- 4-8kg - 1 tablet
- For cats over 8kg, a combination of tablets should be given, consistent with the recommended minimum dose.

*Animal Health Audit December 2009.

For cuts under 2kg please select the appropriate Millbemax product.

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