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Credelio Plus Dogs Chews 6Pack Large 11-22kg


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A love this pure deserves a parasite protection that?s gentle on dogs but tough on parasites. Credelio Plus uses an extra-purified active ingredient1 that protects against fleas and ticks PLUS Credelio Plus protects against heartworm and intestinal worms.

Providing ongoing protection for your dog by killing ticks and fleas, preventing heartworm disease, and treating hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm infections is easy with Credelio Plus? small and tasty, chewable tablet.

Additional Information and Benefits

Credelio Plus makes protecting your dog easy and convenient. We know dogs can be fussy, so we?ve designed a small, tasty chewable tablet to ensure that giving your dog Credelio Plus is a walk in the park!

Credelio Plus is a monthly chewable tablet designed to provide broad spectrum protection, while being gentle on dogs and puppies.

With just one dose of Credelio Plus, you can keep your dog protected. That means you can spend more time together without worrying about dangerous parasites.

Why choose Credelio Plus?
Keeps your dog protected from ticks and fleas, PLUS hookworms, roundworms and whipworm, PLUS heartworm disease.

Extra purification process with Lotilaner targets ticks and fleas and means your dog gets only what it needs ? and nothing they don't.

Gentle enough for dogs and puppies from 8 weeks of age and over 2.8 kg.

So small, so easy!
The small, tasty chewable tablet ensures giving your dog Credelio Plus is a walk in the park.

Repeat monthly
Repeat every month, for broad protection that lasts

How does it work?

You might not believe that your dog can get monthly protection against 8 parasites with just a single chewable tablet, but Credelio PLUS packs a punch. It combines two active ingredients that deliver powerful protection while being safe for dogs and puppies.

Credelio Plus? first active ingredient, lotilaner, is extra-purified and absorbed into your dog?s blood stream rapidly, providing quick relief from existing ticks and fleas and ongoing protection against future infestations. This extra purification process means your dog gets what they need and nothing they don?t.

Extra purification of lotilaner benefits your dog by:

Leaving out what's not needed, so that there's less for your dog's body to process.
Allowing for a smaller tablet size, that's easy to give.

The second active ingredient, milbemycin oxime, is long established and has been protecting Australian dogs for over 15 years. It delivers protection against 3 types of intestinal worms; roundworms, hookworms and whipworm, while also preventing heartworm disease , so you can help keep your dog healthy all year round with convenient, monthly treatment.

How to Administer Credelio Plus
Feed your dog
Give Credelio Plus during or after a meal

Credelio Plus may be offered as a treat, or for fussy eaters, it can be mixed with food or given as a tablet

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