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Chuckit Giggler Kick Fetch Small 16.5x15x17.7cm


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ChuckIt Giggle Kick Fetch

CHUCK IT! is here to make fetch happen! Their range features a variety of toys designed to enrich the human animal bond and keep your four legged friends happy and engaged.?

Giggle; Kick; or Fetch with the Chuckit! Giggle Kick Fetch Dog Toy! Made with a durable foam core; polyester fabric; and rubber bite zones for ez-pick up, the Giggle Kick Fetch takes fetch up a notch by activating your dogs natural curiosity for sound with its 2 gigglers. As you kick or throw the Giggle Kick Fetch; the 2 gigglers inside the ball giggle keeping your dog engaged in fetch.

Key Features?

Kick, throw, punt or fetch this toy with your pet?
Canvas, rubber and foam construction?
Suitable for land and water play?
Two Giggle tunnels double protected for safety?
Deep ridges to help your dog grab it easily?
High contrasting colours?

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  • Product Brand: Chuckit!

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